5 Tips – The best Beginner Surfboards


1. Surfboard Rental

Surf boards shops and surf schools offer boards on rental basis. Instead of spending money purchasing a brand new surf board, you can rent a low performance beginner surf board from these sources and make use of them until you gain some experience in surfing. That will let you make an informed purchasing decision when you’re ready to get your own surfboard.

2. Picking The Best Material

Surfboards are made out of different types of materials and they are also designed in different shapes. As a beginning surfer you will need a board which is stable and buoyant. Surfboards called foamies are made out of a single long piece of foam that is shaped into the correct dimensions for a surfboard. Foam surfboards provide good buoyancy over the water and therefore are best suited for beginner surfers. They are also soft so falling on them isn’t quite so painful. Their drawback is their low performance. Pop out surfboards are manufactured in a factory assembly line. Such type of surfboards have a core structure made out of foam on top of which there is a thick fiber glass coating. This makes them quite heavy however they provide good stability over the water and could be used for a very long time. Getting hit with one hurts! Pop outs could be used both by beginners as well as experienced surfers. They aren’t very expensive. Custom boards are expensive and made to order so they’re best suited only for those professional surfers.

3. Shape and Length

The shape, length and thickness of the surfboard influences the performance characteristics of a surfboard a lot. A surfboard that is thick and long will offer good buoyancy and stability over the water. These are the characteristics which suit newbie surfers well however are not suited for professionals. Beginners need to choose a pop out which is three feet longer than their height. Length is less important in foam boards but a general suggestion for beginners is six feet for kids and eight feet for adults.

4. Surfboard Accessories

There are a few other things besides surfboards for beginners that beginners will need. The first is a leash to fasten the board to the surfer so the board doesn’t have to be chased after every tumble. The leash should be about the same length as the board. One more accessory is surf wax. Foamies don’t need wax because of their soft construction however all other surfboards should be waxed on the top deck to provide grip for the feet. Wetsuits offer good thermal protection while surfing in cool waters.

5. Used or New

New surfboards are, of courseHealth Fitness Articles, more expensive than secondhand or used ones. Second-user surf boards are readily available in secondhand surf board markets. Many of them are the pop out types. There are several websites on the internet that sell secondhand surfboards and people can also find good choices at the local surf board shops.

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