Here are 10 things to see within a Peru tour for any great holiday

Surf peru - Machupicchu

Few holidaymaker destinations in the world have as diverse scenery as Peru. Touring the Andes mountains requires cold temperatures gear, while for the southern end of the us, the Amazon Rain Forest requires different gear altogether. One can take several Peru tours and have absolutely completely different experiences everytime.

Here are 10 things to see within a Peru tour for any great holiday:

Surf peru - Machupicchu

1. The Inca ruins at Machu Piccu hold the distinction to become the most visited sites in every of South America. Beginning inside Incan capital of Cusco, you will notice modern buildings sitting atop Incan stone foundations, equally Yorkminster Abbey sits atop Norman and Roman foundations.


2. Stop and shop with the Pisac market, by far the most extensive handcraft market in the united states. Alpaca wool jumpers, musical instruments and many more are offered by artisans of all over Peru. Visit the Incan ruins at Pisac likewise.


3. If trekking tours take your fancy, the Inca trail is designed for you. Snow-capped mountains, seeing Incan ruins from above and scenery found nowhere else await you.


4. Mountain climbers will like a tour climbing the El Misti Volcano. Most in the year no tools are required, but from time to time ice and snow will need crampons with an ice axe or two.


5. For surfers, Peru has one of many longest waves on the planet at Chicama. Waves from beginner to expert is found north of Lima. For beginners, a surfing tour which includes lessons a very good idea.


6. The Nazca lines are unique in all of the the world. A flying tour allows that you see the figures clearly, something out of the question from the ground. These lines have survived 1000’s of years, without one knows why we were holding made or who these folks were made for.


7. A tour with the Colca canyon is a lot like no other. Home to the Andean Condor, one of several largest land birds on the globe, the canyon has stunning scenery. It is doubly deep because the Grand Canyon within the USA. Stay at a hostel or hotel in on the list of towns inside canyon. Enjoy the natural hot springs in the village of Chivay.


8. For the adventurous, tour the Amazon Rain Forest. See animals, birds and plants found nowhere else. You could live in a jungle lodge and meet local tribes people. Take a boat tour on the Amazon river. Be sure to bring a lot of film or memory cards.

 Lake Titicaca.

9. Tour the floating reed islands of Lake Titicaca. Home to the Uros tribe that pre-dates the Incan civilization, beautiful hawaii are made entirely of reeds. The buildings on the hawaiian islands are made of reeds also. The sensation of walking around the reeds is similar to that of a waterbed.


10. Take a tour to Huacachina where sandboarding and high speed dune buggy rides create a great holiday. Sandboarding resembles snowboarding, the rider wears boots and is also strapped to the board while on a trip down large sand dunes.


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