Some useful tips to enjoy paddle surfing

Some useful tips to enjoy paddle surfing

If you are a water sport enthusiast and want to try something new and exciting, try stand up paddle surfing. This quaint water sport is back and is the latest trend sweeping through the beaches all across the world.
Paddle surfing involves standing on a paddle surfboard and directing it through a long, hand held paddle. The outsized paddle board and the added speed gained through paddling helps the surfer make exhilarating turns and get through a lot more waves. The paddle surf with increased length provides extra buoyancy and allows the surfer to catch long rides, assuring him of unmatchable fun and excitement on the waters.

Even if you have indulged in stand up paddle surfing before, it is so worth giving a try! Stand up Paddle board surfing is ideal for beginners. The paddle board provides extra support, allowing the surfer to easily pick up the ropes of the sport without any fear and inhibitions in his mind. Just buy the right gear that is comfortable and promises enough flexibility to move. Make sure that the paddle surf that you buy gives enough space to stand with your feet apart in a comfortable position.

Next, you must learn to stand on the board on which the paddle is placed. Always climb on the board by pulling the chest up first and then moving a foot on the board. Next, slowly move the other foot on the board and make sure that it is at least shoulder length apart from the first foot. With the correct position on the board, you are good to go to the next step!

Once you have learnt how to balance yourself on board, it is time to place the board in shallow water. Initially, you can float or sit on the board so as to get used to the movement. Focus on your body posture and balance because once you learn to balance yourself, you can easily surf canals and rivers.

By keeping these simple paddle surfing tips in mind and practising them often, you would soon be ready to ride off high tides and enjoy this water sport to the hilt.

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